A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Reusable Nappies

With an ever-growing number of people concerned about the environment, reusable nappies are making a real come-back. Not only are they better for the environment, but using reusable nappies is also economical.

In all honesty, the reusable versus disposable debate feels like one of those things our children will look back at and be shocked that it took us so long to change.

Some parents find the idea of using reusable nappies overwhelming. However, they are pretty easy to use and have come a long way since the previous generation. There is no need to pin due to the advent of pre-fold reusable nappies, flat nappies and shaped nappies.

All of these nappies require a bit of folding, but do not necessarily require fastening. A parent can still choose to pin a nappy which helps to reduce leaks.

Fitted Nappies

Fitted reusable nappies have elastic in the leg and waist. They usually close with Velcro or a snap fastening. Fitted nappies do require a cover, but tend to be great for avoiding mess.

All-in-one Nappies

Parents can also buy all-in-one reusable nappies, which include a cover. They look very similar to disposable nappies, but are better for the environment. Unfortunately, these nappies are the most expensive of the reusable nappies.

Pocket Nappies

Though not exactly like the all-in-one, there is another cloth nappy that keeps baby dry called the pocket nappy. It typically has a suede or fleece lining inside and waterproof polyester on the outside of the nappy. To increase absorbency, a parent needs to put an insert or pre-fold nappy between the layers.

Once a parent has made a choice to use reusable nappies, it is time to figure out how to use them.

How many reusable nappies do you need to buy?

The first step is determining the number of nappies one needs. Some people suggest only buying 18 nappies for the first 18 months. However, others think the number of reusable nappies needed changes as the baby grows older. Of course, newborns are the messiest, so they need more nappies than an older baby. It is also a good idea to have special covers at night.

After a home has the right number of reusable nappies, it is a good idea to practice using them before the baby comes home.

How to pin a reusable nappy

Here are some steps to follow if choosing to pin. Make sure that when fastening, the pin faces away from the baby. The pin can be stored in a bar of soap to make pushing it through reusable nappies easier. It is also important that you hold your fingers between the baby and the nappy to avoid sticking him or her.

First, pull one side of the nappy to the middle, ensuring a snug fit. After that, start pushing the pin at an angle until there is pressure, then turn it towards the outside of the nappy. Once in place, make sure to lock the pin’s head. Then repeat these steps on the other side of the nappy.

Armed with information on the types of nappy and how to pin one, any parent can do so with ease. Reasons to use reusable nappies include reducing harm to the environment and saving money. Using reusable nappies is the least expensive way to nappy a baby.