Frequently Asked Questions

What is Change Your Nappy?

We are simply trying to encourage people to switch from disposable nappies to reusable nappies.

How much do reusable nappies cost?

It varies widely. You can find packs of 10 really basic flat and pre-fold nappies for £10.

If you are just starting out and looking for a starting stock of good quality all-in-ones nappies, you could easily spend £400.

This probably seems like a big up-front cost, but remember that using disposable nappies will be significantly more expensive.

Are you completely against the use of disposable nappies?

Not totally! We can see how useful the occasional disposable is on a long journey, for example. However, if everyone (or even the majority) of people use disposables all the time, the country is faced with a major environmental issue.

What other equipment do I need?

A nappy bucket.

A nappy bag.

Reusable nappy liners.

Biodegradable wipes.

How long do reusable nappies last?

That ultimately depends on how many nappies you have, which is obviously in proportion to the number of time each nappy gets washed. Washing at high temperatures and tumble drying will accelerate the deterioration of reusable nappies (just as it does with all clothes, especially those which contain elastic).

To get the most value out of your reusable nappies, use a special nappy cleaner, wash at 40 degrees and air dry whenever possible. It’s quite possible that a starting stock of 24 one-size birth-to-potty nappies will last 2-3 years.

How do reusable nappies work when I’m outside of the home?

Parents carry lots of stuff. One small extra you’ll need to carry is a wet bag. If you have used a biodegradable, flushable liner, you can dispose of that in the normal way. The absorbent layer should be stored in the wet bag until you get home and you can transfer it into the nappy bucket.

Are there any other advantages to using reusable nappies?

Some research suggests that on average, babies who wear reusable nappies are potty-trained 6 months sooner than babies who wear disposables. This is good news for the environment, your bank balance and life in general!!

However, we would caution against reading too much into that research due to the huge variation in potty-training techniques and children themselves.

How do you wash reusable cloth nappies?

Quite easily! Washable nappies no longer need to be soaked, boiled or machine washed at 90 degrees.

Modern washing machines are so much better now that reusable nappies do not need to be sterlized. They can easily be placed in a separate laundry container and washed at 60 degrees.

Using biodegradable (or flushable) nappy liners makes things even easier. The soiled liner is flushed away with any solid waste. The reusable part simply goes in the washing machine.

Whilst it’s best for the life-span of the nappy to be air-dried (they can easily last 2-3 years like this), reusable nappies can also be tumble dried when time is short.

Do reusable nappies leak?

There is no design-related reason why they should. Just as with disposables, it is important to make sure you have the right size for your baby and that it has been fastened correctly.

You can also use extra layers of absorbent pads to increase the absorbency of the nappy overnight or on long journeys.